How can I generate income from livestock on a lifestyle property or hobby farm?

Thursday 31 Jan 2019

If you want your rural lifestyle farm to generate some income but you still need to hold a job in the city, it's sensible to look towards some of the easier breeds for first time farmers.  It's also vital that you are realistic in your expectations.  Lifestyle farms rarely make a profit but costs can be mitigated.

Consider raising livestock such as chickens, ducks, goats, cows or pigs.  Consider growing produce such as mushrooms, ginger, tumeric, garlic, limes, hothouse tomatoes, or making by-products from what you grow, such as goats cheese from the milking herd.

'Niche' or valued added marketing is generally thought to be the best approach.  Raise a livestock species that can be marketed to a specific demographic to ensure there is a market for your product, together with the ability to transport your product in top condition to your chosen market.  

Other options, such as leasing a portion of your land for agribusiness, may be a more suitable option.  If you are implementing a 'tree change' plan but don't wish to spend your time working the farm, talk to your agent about the options available to allow you to live a rural lifestyle without spending your spare time working the property!

Your local stock and station agent will be happy to provide helpful advice.  First National Coffs Coast's 'Lifestyle Specialist', David Small, can help you make the right decision.  Call David today!