Your Market Update

Thursday 10 Sep 2020

Regional markets remain star performers

Regional markets have been the star performers of 2020, outshining their city cousins across the largest states. Virtually all First National members report a surge in demand from both homeowners and tenants, looking to escape the cities. Their lower density and price points continue to be their major appeal, and many have not been affected by the fall in overseas migration.
What buyers now look for
We’ve experienced our living spaces in new and challenging ways whilst seeing more of our home and families than ever before during the pandemic. There will inevitably be a shift in how we work, which may mean more of us will work form home. This could make bedroom to study coversions a draw, or the granny flat style studio in the back yard an essential.

You only need look at the dull eyed apartment dwellers of the nation to know how difficult lockdown got for those starved of outdoor space.
Does your property boast the essential outdoor living escape or opportunity for privacy and quiet retreats within the home for work & study?
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